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~How long have you been writing?

I began writing at a young age. My first featured writing was at age thirteen. It was a poem I wrote about the Persian Gulf War. It was recognized in the local newspaper. But I didn’t publish professionally until about two years ago.

~What do you like to do in your spare time?

When I’m not writing, I enjoy signing, yoga, and dancing.

~If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

I would have to say a caterpillar because it’s one of those creatures that gets a second chance. No matter how small, helpless, or ugly it is starting out in life, there’s a good chance it’s going to make a beautiful butterfly one day.

~When you’re writing, what keeps you focused?

I’m what I like to call a productive person. I’m a mom of three and run a full-time child care business in my home, so my time is limited. I make the most of my writing when I get time. And I never sit down to write, unless I have a particular inspiration. I have to be in the mood (in the zone) to write well. Otherwise it feels forced and that often shows in my writing.

~What genre are your books and how did you come up with the ideas them?

I’m a multi-genre author.

I first began publishing parenting and children’s books, then released my first adult romance work last year.

I use my career experience with children as inspiration for my children’s stories and parenting books. I have one on potty training, helping parents find quality child care, and even a toddler curriculum guide that offers tons of hands-on teaching activities for little ones.

For my romance books, I draw from pretty much everywhere. It could be something I saw one of my many sisters go through in their relationships, or even something I saw on television that I tweaked to produce the story I wanted to tell.

~What books do you currently have published and what are you currently working on?

To date, I have six published titles–three parenting, one children’s,and two romance. Currently I’m finishing up a children’s book titled ‘The Chocolate Monsters’ which is a rhyming story based on the time my two boys painted our house with chocolate syrup. It was a disaster!

I’m also halfway through writing the third book in my ‘Love Hurts’ series, which will be titled, ‘Cowboy Tears’.

~Do you have any upcoming releases?

I’m hoping to have ‘The Chocolate Monsters’ ready to release by the end of January and ‘Cowboy Tears’ soon after.

~Out of your books, which one would be your favorite?

I would have to say that my absolute favorite book to write was ‘Unsevered’, the second book in the ‘Love Hurts’ series. I poured my entire soul into that book. With my first romance, it was written in third person POV and even though it’s gotten great reviews, the response for ‘Unsevered’ has been tremendous. I’m really proud of this book.

~What are your plans for the future you and your books? Any goals?

My goal is to be able to make enough money from my books so I can be a full-time writer and be more available to homeschool my own childrenOne major goal I have set for myself for the year 2016 is to have an article published in my favorite magazine, First for Women.

~Do you think you’ll continue to write the same genre or will you test the waters with something new?

I enjoy writing romance, so I’m sure I’ll stick with it. I may one day write a memoir, and will definitely be putting out more children’s books because I have eight that haven’t even gone to illustration yet.

~Do you write yourself or other people you know/come into contact with into your books?

I’m not sure I understand this question fully.

~If you could be a character(s) from your books do you think you’re more like and why?

I realized, after publishing it and reading it through in the last phase, I am a lot like Amber, the lead female in my debut novella, ‘When Darkness Breaks’. She doesn’t really fit any stereotype. She’s strong-willed and independent, but she also respects her role in the marriage and actually prefers her husband be the leader of their family. She knows how to get what she wants, but isn’t manipulative or petty about it.

~What books/authors got you interested in writing?

I’d have to say, two authors inspired me to write my first romance. When I read Lorraine Adair’s ‘Ambient Light’ and experienced all those emotions through the way she played with words, I was enamored. And then, a bit later, when I read ‘Unbreakable’ by Emma Scott, I was blown away. I knew I wanted to write like that, in a way that the words seep into the readers’ soul and don’t let go right away. The kind of book that readers tell all their friends about and one they will always remember.

~Do you read any other types of genre’s?  If so, who/what is your favorite?

I read a good variety of genres, but some I won’t touch are horror or gore. I read some sci-fi but sometimes those become too technical and cold for me. I mostly enjoy children’s, self-help non-fiction, romance, chick-lit, some fantasy, and some mystery–if not too graphic.

~What is your advice for any authors who are planning/struggling to write/finish their book?

So my advice would be, write about what inspires you, what you’re passionate about. It will show through in your work. When readers can feel as if you are speaking directly to them, that’s when you’ve told your story to the best of your ability.



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