Review of Accidental Leigh by Melanie James

This is a lighthearted funny story. I really enjoyed the story line and felt that it moved along at a good pace. The mishaps Leigh experiences while trying to get a handle on her new-found powers will leave you laughing and able to easily relate with her. As Leigh fumbles through her story and tries to keep from harming anyone… Read more »

Review of The Morrigan by Adana Presley

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This story of Gods, Goddesses and Demigods shows that everyone is vulnerable to love. The story of Cuhulainn and Morrigan was heart wrenching at times. The characters were very well written and described. I found myself connecting with them all and could easily relate to the heart ache and joy that they were experiencing. The story was not predictable and… Read more »

Soul Discovery – Soul Series Book 5 ~ Review by Crystal Loomis

  In this action packed final adventure, Annissa and her friends have opened the portals to allow the trolls, fairies, elves and goblins to visit the realm to study and learn about what makes this realm different from the others. Annissa senses something is amiss and sure enough, the trolls and fairies have teamed up to try and take over… Read more »

Soul Freedom – Soul Series Book 4 ~ Review by Crystal Loomis

  Annissa has just graduated from high school, and is now getting married, but she can’t fight this weird feeling in the.pit of her stomach, like something bad is going to happen. The day of her wedding the Council appears and offers Annissa a chance to have them stop sending people to destroy her and her friends, but what’s the… Read more »

Soul Knowledge – Soul Series Book 3 ~ Review by Crystal Loomis

  Annissa and her group of friends are back in this thrilling tale of love and mystery. When two students move into town, Annissa senses they are different, but the feeling she has is not one she’s ever felt before. When they start to realize that their attitudes are changing as well as everyone else’s around them, they will stop… Read more »

Soul Redemption – Soul Series Book 2 ~ Review by Crystal Loomis

Annisa and her gang of friends/witches is back in this thrilling tale of love and deceit. When 2 new students (Brian and Amy) arrive at school, the gang is taken by surprise with how distant everyone is starting to become around them. Anger flares between classmates and parents, even teachers are surprised by it. Not only are they having to… Read more »

Review of Shadows of Night by Rose Shababy

5***** Review This is an intriguing tale of how things can get better and then life throws you a curve ball. Nobody is immune to bad things happening to them. How we handle what we are thrown will usually tell you what kind of person you are. Sometimes you reach your breaking point and no matter what kind of person… Read more »