New book for .99!!

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  Heads up everyone! The lovely C.K. Dawn has her book “Cloak of Shadows” on sale for .99 for a limited time! Come check it out!!

Review of Soul Journey – Soul Series Book 1

Meet the beautiful and talented 15, almost 16 year old Anissa. She has the perfect teenage life: she’s captain of the cheer squad, her boyfriend, is the captain if the football team, she has parents who love her deeply, and she’s a witch! Her life was perfect, until Chase and his sister Pamela moved in next door. The minute she… Read more »

Review of Carnival by K.B. Nelson

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This is a story of a small town girl, Charlie, and her desire to escape. She keeps finding herself trapped due to circumstances and is looking for something more when she meets a carni. When she meets Blue that she instantly feels an attraction to she can’t help but welcome the distraction. Later that night when she realizes that he… Read more »

Cover Reveal for Soul Discovery (Soul Series Book 5)

  Soul Discovery is the final book in the Soul Series. It will be released on January 9, 2015.  Here is the description and the cover!!   Annisa and her group have finally made it to the point where they don’t have to watch over their shoulders for someone trying to destroy them. They have put together a system that… Read more »

Indie-Visible 2.0 Soft Launch

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Indie-Visible 2.0 Soft Launch Hooray! We here at Indie-Visible are thrilled to be (soft) launching our site! So, who the heck are we anyway? Indie-Visible is an awesome collaboration backed by a super talented team of writers, bloggers, and freelancers in the publishing industry, who you can meet here and here. Indie-Visible’s BookHub is an online magazine where readers can… Read more »

Review of Penance by Sarah Buhl

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This is the first book I have read from this author and I will be following her and reading all of her work. This book sucked me in and held me until the end. The characters had so much depth that you feel like you are experiencing the same thing as them. You feel like you know them as well… Read more »

Review of Cloak of Shadows by C.K. Dawn

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It has been a long time since I have read a book this quickly. I had a hard time putting it down. This story is a twist on Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table. As you are led through the possibilities of what the Knights’ descendants would deal with you are lost in the story. I was completely… Read more »