Getting back out there

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When I pulled the Soul Series down so I could re-edit it, I didn’t think out the fact that I have issues with formatting ebooks. I can do the print books with no problem. Sure they take time, but I can do it. When it comes to the ebooks though, I can’t seem to figure it out.

When I did the first two I was able to fumble my way through and get them up on Amazon but still had a few issues. Thankfully, I found an author friend that is helping me now! She is formatting my ebooks for me at a very reasonable price! That means the ones on Amazon are fixed and I got them uploaded to Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and Kobo today!!

To top off this good news I got an email from my editor telling me that she is almost done with book 3. She has it for final read through so that means when I get it back it won’t take me long to make the few corrections and get it out! Things are moving along there.

I am starting a new book that has nothing to do with the series as well that I hope to have out this year. It is about a girl that struggles with depression and how she deals with it. It won’t be all depression, I promise! Her life will have plenty of ups and downs, funny and sad, light and dark. I plan to balance it out and keep you intrigued!  I plan to have that out in the next few months if all goes well.

Well, I better get to it if I plan to get all this done!



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