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I was contacted by another blog asking me to share some information about how they are willing to help authors on my Facebook page.

I love when blogs do everything they can to help authors, so I am going to do everything I can to get their post heard.

I have included what they have asked me to share and I hope that you will all share as well!


At Book Reviews, Blogs and Amazon Links we are all about the Authors and our Readers.

We try to promote the Authors in many ways including sharing their links; sharing author posts; doing author takeovers; spotlights on authors, new releases and cover reveals; author, reader and Q&A, posting reviews and hosting giveaways.

Any way we can help the Authors through promotion we do it.

We want to give the Readers a way to find talented authors and great books.

Authors please visit us and share your links so I can help promote you and share your talent with our readers.

Heres our link:

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