It’s all in how you look at it

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As you all know I am in the process of getting the Soul Series re-edited and re-released. The books in that series are all in different stages of that process. As those get the attention that they need I can also start looking at the spin off trilogy again. I have told you that the first two books are already done and just have to go through the editing process. What I haven’t spelled out for you is that I left the third one not started on purpose. I wanted to wait until I could give it the focus that it needs. It will not only be closing the door on the trilogy but also on the series. This will be the final goodbye to the characters that we have all come to love.

I have a contemporary romance that I have eluded to in the past that is still rambling around in my head. I also left this one on hold on purpose. This book will be the last romance story I write. I plan on moving onto paranormal suspense from there. While I enjoy a good romance story I don’t want my books to fall into the trap of being the same book over and over again with only minor changes. I plan to move on before that can be a possibility.

While I am working on all of this, it affords me the time I need for research. There are so many aspects I want to include in my paranormal suspense series and I need to do a lot of research to make sure that I get it all right.

I have a growing stack of books and I have started sitting with actual books armed with a highlighter and page tabs. My family is watching this new development with confusion. I am usually not one to mark in a book and I throw a fit if they even turn the corner of a page down. To see me highlighting and tabbing pages is something they are not used to.

Of course some of the books I bought only for research so I am fine with highlighting passages in them. The ones that I bought for both research and enjoyment only get the page tabs. I use the post-it page tabs so they will not damage the book in any way and I can write on them to know what is in that section of the book.

Although it is hard for my family to understand,  I have to read these books before I can finally start on the series that I am really excited about. I will be diving into a paranormal suspense series within the next few months. I have a lot that I want to get done but I think I will have the time I need to accomplish it all.

It would be great to not have to work at the day job and focus on my writing and all that goes into it I am not to that point……yet. I plan to be there but it takes time. While I am working my way to that I have to factor in the time for the day job and schedule things out further to assure I have the time to get it all done. For that reason I am not giving an estimated time for any of my other works. I plan to have the series re-released before the July event of Writers on the River but other than that I don’t have a timeline. I ask for your patience as I get back into the groove of it all.

For now I am happy to be progressing and hope you will all be as excited about the new projects I am working on as I am!



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