Review of Baby Girl Series by Elle Klass

Baby Girl

This link and cover is for the box set for the first four books in a seven book series. The box set will be free from June 16 through June 19 on Amazon. I highly recommend you pick this up!!!

I absolutely loved this series and I was really sad to see it end. I understand why all series must eventually come to an end. Elle brought it to an end in a good place and if she had kept it going it would have just been dragging it on needlessly. It really was time to say goodbye even though I had come to love Cleo.

In this series we watch as a young girl goes from homeless and alone to an adult with loved ones. I don’t want to give any spoilers so this will be vague. She has to go through many trial and tribulations to get where she wants to be and she has to sacrifice a lot and she loses a lot, but eventually by the end Cleo ends up exactly where she is meant to be.

Cleo’s story had me enthralled from the very beginning. I had a very hard time putting it down when I had other things demanding my attention. This series is good for any number of genre lovers. It has mystery, suspense, love stories, drama and action. Elle is an amazing story teller and I give this series 5 stars.


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