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Well it’s that time of year again. The time that the weather here in Central Illinois can’t make up it’s mind. It can go from cold to warm or warm to cold in a matter of hours. This is the time of year that many people get sick because of the constantly changing weather.

I am no exception to this. Saturday I felt like I was getting a cold. Yesterday I still didn’t feel the best. Today I feel like I got hit by a truck. I definitely have a cold or virus of some kind. My head hurts (aspirin is not helping) my throat is sore, I am achy and I just want to go to sleep.

I told my hubby that I don’t have time to be sick and his response was “Nobody has time to be sick.” I had not thought about it like that before, but he is right. Nobody has time in their lives to just stop and be sick. While I may not like it I have no choice but to accept it.

As I drag myself through my day at the day job, I just keep reminding myself that I can lay on the couch and just feel miserable when my work day is done. No book stuff will be getting done until I am feeling better. You deserve my best work and that just won’t happen while I feel like this.

Until next week, remember to take care of yourself.


About Miranda Shanklin

I live in Central Illinois with my husband and our two children. I write new adult paranormal romance when I am not running my children to practices or cheering for them at events. I work a day job as a paralegal and am the assistant coach for my daughter's competition dance team.

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