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Well it’s that time of year again. The time that the weather here in Central Illinois can’t make up it’s mind. It can go from cold to warm or warm to cold in a matter of hours. This is the time of year that many people get sick because of the constantly changing weather. I am no exception to this…. Read more »


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Today and tomorrow Eclectic Bard Books is celebrating their 2 year birthday! I am so excited to get to celebrate with them as an author of the label! There are so many authors participating and each one has their own games and prizes. Everyone needs to go and have a great time and win some great prizes! Here is the… Read more »


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I know that I neglect this blog way too much! I am planning on starting an overhaul of the blog. I have pretty much only used this blog for book reviews and blog tours. The whole reason I asked for a blog on the website when I was having it designed was so I could connect with readers and let… Read more »


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I posted last week how I was going to start keeping up on here. Then I haven’t posted in a week. Oops! Well, I think to be totally honest that it might only be once a week or I might find more time as it gets colder outside to sit in front of my laptop and write posts. I know… Read more »

Catching up

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I have noticed that I don’t really post blog posts on here. I have fallen into the habit of only posting book reviews. This was not my intention when I put a blog on my website. I now plan to make up for that neglect. We all have so much going on, but that doesn’t excuse me neglecting my fans…. Read more »

Exciting new venture!

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This past weekend I attended a signing event called Kentuckiana Book Blitz. I was excited to go and catch up with authors that I had met in New Orleans and hadn’t really had a chance to talk to since. I did pretty well and sold books at a great rate. While that in itself is enough to excite me since… Read more »

Indie Pride Day

      No Comments on Indie Pride Day Today, July 1, 2015 is the second annual Indie Pride Day! Last year at this time I was just starting to write my very first book. I had never heard of Indie Pride Day. I was so surprised to find the welcoming, helpful and amazing authors that are Indie Authors. I have met some of the best people I… Read more »