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I have been working on getting everything ready for my events coming up. The first event I am going to is in April so it is getting down to crunch time on preparing. I am starting to feel the pressure.

I have ordered about half the swag that I am going to. I know what else I am ordering for that but the budget demands it all take a turn and I can only do so much each week. I have paid the table fees for all the events this year. There is still so much I have left to do!

The first event I am going to is a conference. There is a Villain’s Ball that we dress up for on this one. I had picked out my costume and had it in my cart on Amazon and was waiting to order it. Today I saw there was only 1 left in stock so it got ordered now.

There is also an awards ceremony. I am a finalist for the Best Cover Award. I am so excited for this as it is the first award I have been up for. The only thing that would make it better was if the award was for my writing, but that time will come. After bargain shopping with the best bargain shopper out there I got the dress and shoes for the ceremony. I also got a dress that I can wear for the signing part of the event.

Sounds like everything is going along just fine, right? Ya, that was until I had to work on imaging. I wanted to order rack cards and a table banner. That means I had to design them both. I spent 8 hours and finally got the images the way that I wanted them for the rack cards. I finally got them the way that I wanted them and got them ordered.

Knowing that it took so long for the rack cards I decided to wait until a Saturday to work on the banner. At one point I actually threatened to take my laptop, throw it in the driveway, and run it over. I’m not sure if it was my computer, photo shop or what I was trying to do that was the issue. All I wanted to do was resize my logo to fit the banner. Easy, right? WRONG! It took a half an hour and my computer freezing up twice to get it to resize. When I did finally get it to resize it then would not upload to Vistaprint. I thought maybe I had the measurements backwards. It took another half an hour to resize again. It still wouldn’t upload.

At this point I was no longer just threatening I was seriously considering running over my laptop. It was then I was rescued and taken shopping for the dress for the awards ceremony. That break was what did the trick.

When I got home I decided to use pixel size instead of measurements. That was what worked. It only took a couple of minutes to resize that way and it uploaded right away. Finally, I had gotten the banner done.

With all of that frustration done and the images done and ready to go I am now free to obsess about the rest of it. I still have to finish edits and polishing so I can order books and have enough time to get them before I have to leave for the conference.

Even with all that it comes with, I love this and wouldn’t give it up or trade any of it!



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