Getting behind

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I always have the best intentions, but most of the time things don’t work out as planned. Only one week after saying my cold was gone and I would not miss another Short Story Friday, that is exactly what I did.

It is not completely my fault that I missed the short story this week. Sunday I went to the ER in a lot of pain. I ended up having emergency surgery to get my gall bladder removed. I was down and out of it. There was no way for me to keep up with everything going on with the fogginess in my head due to the pain killers.

I am finally starting to feel better. I am taking Advil during the day and only taking the pain killers at night so I can sleep. I am still pretty sore but it is getting better every day. I am sure walking into my office tomorrow will not be as good to see, though.

While I am sure that there is plenty sitting on my desk waiting for me to get back, I will get through it all. An unplanned week off is worse than a planned one, but they are both something that I have to work through. Sometimes it is a good feeling to see how much you are needed at your job. I love the help I receive in trying not to leave everything for me, but to know that I am needed for that work to get done gives me a sense of purpose.

While I have enjoyed the down time that I don’t usually get, I am ready to get back on the horse. I am used to always being on the go. Sitting around and waiting for my body to heal enough to get back out there is not an easy task for me.

I am finally able to sit at the computer and get a few things done. For a while there sitting in this chair was not going to happen. Now that my body is mending itself and adjusting to a piece being removed, I can start to slowly get back to doing what I love.

~ Miranda

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