Guardians of the Origin

Guardians of the Origin AnalissaAnalissa
Everybody always knew that Analissa would be the new Leader of the Guardians of the Origin. She took it for granted that she would take over for her mother with her best friends by her side. It didn’t exactly work out the way that she thought it would. Now, she has to take on the new responsibility while her best friends moved on to something else, without her, while she tries to deal with her insecurities. When she finally meets her soul mate those insecurities are doubled. She knew she was not good enough for him.

Ozias knew that he was not the type to find one person and settle down with her. He had yet to meet a woman that could hold his attention for even a first date. When he first saw Analissa all of his beliefs were put into question. Now, he is expected to walk away from his realm and take on responsibilities he didn’t ask for while trying to decide if he has been wrong about himself and what he believes. He is certain she would never want to be with him if she knew how he had treated women in the past.


Kailey never wanted to be a Guardian. She never wanted the instalove that comes with a Soulmate. When she finds herself being chosen as the next Guardian and is faced with her Soulmate she tries to hide from them both. When that doesn’t work she tries to avoid and then run from them.

Tristan has never felt comfortable around other people. He has always been a loner. He has always thought he was missing something and was restless. He never knew what he was looking for. As soon as he sees her he knows that is what has always been missing. The problem is she comes with a huge family and she wants nothing to do with him.


Ivy is the youngest and smallest. Everyone has always told her that she can’t do what everyone else can. How is she supposed to be a Guardian? Can she possibly get her self esteem high enough and be powerful enough to be able to handle this job? Will she be able to get the support of her family to be able to take on the position of Guardian? Will her soul mate work out?

Lorcan is royalty in the elf realm. He has never had to work for anything. He never planned on living in any other realm. He doesn’t believe in marrying from another realm. When he is chosen as a Guardian and a soul mate, he agrees to be a Guardian but not a soul mate. How will this work out?

He has been Death for centuries. When he feels her magick he feels this draw to her. When she evades him in his realm he is intrigued by her. He impatiently waits for her to use it again. When she does and he finds her everything changes. He uses everything he can think of to stay in her life or to keep her in his.

In this final installment of the Guardians of the Origin Trilogy see how the team is completed. Find out who the final two Guardians will be. The team is finally completed and the new Guardians take their post.