Has it really been that long?

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So I was just going through the website and seeing what all updates needed to be done. I knew that we still had to add Ivy, the last book in the Guardians of the Origin Trilogy, but I didn’t realize it had been almost 2 years since I had posted on the blog!!

I’m sorry I haven’t kept up on that. Hopefully, I can start to do better on that. I’m not going to make excuses because there isn’t one for that. You, as readers deserve better than that.

I will say that I haven’t really been reading much. I spent a lot of time doing research for the new series that I have now started. Before you get too excited, I have just started the first book and have only gotten the prologue and first chapter done. I haven’t even finished laying out the foundation yet.

I did take some time and try my hand at something different. Those characters apparently aren’t ready for their story to be told. Three chapters in and I could not convince them to continue to talk to me. They all just ran away. They will eventually come back and I can continue that story.

I had another book I was going to write before the series but the series said no, they wanted theirs told now. The other one graciously stood to the side and gave the series the stage. So we are now going on a new adventure.

In other words,  had intended to do a couple of stand alone books that were not paranormal and had nothing to do with each other. Looks like those are waiting while I write a paranormal suspense series. Yes, I’m getting away from the romance and going for suspense this time.

With both of my kids working now, it leaves me with more time for my own things. Now we get to have fun!


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