I can do it (I think)

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I have to apologize to my subscribers. I know that I didn’t post a short story on Friday like I usually do. Unfortunately, I had a really bad head cold last week. My head was not in a place that I could write. All I wanted to do was sleep until I felt better. Don’t worry the stories will be back this week.

Sometimes I think there needs to be three of me. My hubby would go completely insane if that were to happen. I have so much that I want to do and just not enough time to get to it all.

Not only do I have a day job as well as writing, but I also volunteer at the dance studio. Then to top it all off I have the edits for the series. It will be worse once they are ready to be re-released because then I will be going back to promoting my books.

Sometimes I am asked how I can do it all. I just shrug my shoulders and reply “As long as it is important to me I will find the time.” When you love what you are doing you will find a way to keep doing it.

Don’t get me wrong I am not all business and no fun. That is how I sometimes get behind. I am not going to let my life flash by while I am busy trying to get everything done. Does this result in less sleep? Sometimes, yes. Does this make me miss out on things? Sometimes, yes. Is it worth it? Always!

I have an amazing support team. My hubby and kids could not be more supportive. My parents are so proud and make sure that everyone knows it. My friends understand that when I am in the middle of a book I will not be around much. My best friend (who runs the studio I volunteer at) has been known to send me home from the studio to get writing done. Honestly, she is the best and I could have never asked for anything else in a friend. She knows me well enough to see when I am running myself down (even before I realize I am doing it) and will make me take a break.

I have been going through a few medical issues in the last couple of weeks and I was not able to get anything past her. One look and she banishes me to the chair to run the music for class instead of being on the floor to assist her. I also take the adult class (it is soooo much fun!) and she called me out on not feeling well and she kept watching me closely. All I can say is thank you for caring so much!!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, I need more of me. (sorry I get conversation ADD sometimes and since this is me rambling that is how it goes at times).

So, since there is only one of me I have found that I sometimes have to tell people no. I hate to not assist someone when they ask for my help. I mean they wouldn’t have asked if they didn’t really need help. I have found that if I help everyone that asks then I don’t have the time to do what I need to get done.

For those that understand (who are really friends) thank you. For those that think I just don’t want to help, I can tell you about 20 other things that I could have been doing that all need my attention at any given time. I am trying to only say I will do something if I have a reasonable belief that I will be able to.

I am glad that I still have a close circle of friends to keep me from being consumed by my to-do list. I’m not sure how I would make it without my amazing hubby and friends that are awesome!

Until next week, make sure that the people you can’t live without know that and how much you appreciate them!

~ Miranda

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