I love you Mom!

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I did a similar post on Eclectic Bard’s site today. The difference is that one was about moms in general. This one is all about my mom!

While growing up we fought a lot like most mother’s and daughters do. I had a mouth that didn’t know when to stop and she would get really frustrated with that. When I look back at my teenage years I wonder how I made it out alive and without her strangling me!

I was not one of those teens that were always in trouble (I left that to my brothers) but I was stubborn and wanted things my way. What I failed to realize is that I got my attitude and stubbornness from her. She had more years with it than I did so of course she was better. I never had a chance.

When I moved out of the house I started to realize how much she had always done for me. I looked around at all the work it took to keep a house going and when I realized that I was going to have to do it because there wasn’t anyone else I was in awe of how much my mom actually did.

When I moved out the first time it didn’t work out. The details of that disaster are not important here. She opened her arms at 3:00 a.m. when I showed up on her porch with tears streaming down my face. She got me calmed down and situated and helped me through the hardest thing I had gone through at that point. Now don’t look at my dad thinking he stood by. He was right there by her side helping me deal with it all. He even went with me to get my stuff a few days later, but this is a post about my mom not my dad.

When I got engaged she was so excited for me. She wasn’t able to have the wedding of her dreams so she was determined to make sure that I did. She was right there for the whole process. Her and I made centerpieces for the tables, she made my veil and was right there making sure that the decisions were made by me and nobody else. If I asked for her help in deciding the answer was always “This is your wedding you do it the way that you want to.” I would then make the decision and we would move on.

I was going to include a picture of my mom and I together but soon realized I don’t have any. She was always behind the camera making sure that she captured important memories for us. I am going to have to remedy this and get some pictures with one of the most important people in my life.

I could go on forever about how great my mom is but I’m sure that you don’t want to read forever about how much I love my mom. So I will leave you with this. I obviously love my mom more than I could ever show her. Make sure that you show your mom how much you love and appreciate her. Tomorrow is never promised. I would be lost without my mom and refuse to even think about it.

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