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I have found that I can find inspiration in anything. While we are driving down the road I find myself looking for ways to use what I see in a story. As a writer my brain doesn’t work the same as a normal brain. I know I have already done a post about that so I won’t go in another long spiel.

The thing is that only looking for inspiration for books really limits my growth as a person. I need to begin to look around me and find inspiration on how I can be a better person not just a better writer. Even though I am a writer that is not all that I am.

We all have so many aspects of our personalities that make us who we are. If you only focus on one aspect then you lose sight of the others. You have to remember to find your balance. Moving forward in your chosen field is great, but you also have to move forward in your personal life.

I have seen what happens when someone only focuses on work. The rest of their life slips past them and they find themselves standing all alone wondering how and when it all fell apart. They thought that their job and the money that they could bring in were the most important things. It wasn’t until it was too late that they realized all the money in the world is not worth it if you don’t have someone to enjoy it with.┬áIf you need loans bad credit then you can also take a look at sites like

Finding a balance between work, family and friends is almost impossible. The goal should be to find a way that makes you happy. If you want to put in a few extra hours because it makes you feel good then you should. Just don’t keep increasing the hours until that is all that you do. If you want to spend more time with your family then you should do that. Just don’t keep showing up to work late until you no longer have a job. If you want to spend more time with your friends, then do that. Just don’t spend so much time with them that your family feels they come in second.

Do what makes you happy but also keep track of everything and everyone around you so you don’t lose yourself in your journey.

About Miranda Shanklin

I live in Central Illinois with my husband and our two children. I write new adult paranormal romance when I am not running my children to practices or cheering for them at events. I work a day job as a paralegal and am the assistant coach for my daughter's competition dance team.

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