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~ How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing all my life! I remember writing stories to share with my family, teachers and friends as early as the first grade.

~ How do you get your inspiration?

A good deal of my inspiration comes from listening to music. I see a lot of my stories and scenes developing in response to a piece of music that particularly appeals to me. My tastes range through just about all genres in some form or another, from Disney movie soundtracks to symphonic metal.

~ Was it difficult to start out as a first time author?

There was a time I couldn’t quite get past the hump of actually submitting my work. I get in my own way sometimes, letting myself get hung up over unimportant details. In the beginning, there was always this thought of “not yet”, “it’s not the right time”, and “I’m still waiting”. Once I finally got past those blocks, though, the process wasn’t exactly simple, but it was exciting!

~ In your eyes, which of your books are your favorite and why?

Such a hard choice! I feel so strongly connected to Rhiannon and the Blood and Fire cast. But I think, ultimately, I have to say His Cemetery Doll is my real favorite. The story, the characters, the relationships explored, are all very personal. I’m not sure I meant to do this, or if it was inevitable given the history of the characters to me, but I feel like more of my self went into His Cemetery Doll.

~ What books do you have currently published?

There are two novels out in the Blood and Fire series: Lotus Petals and Satin and Steel. A Blood and Fire novella is planned for re-release by Champagne books in January, called Angel’s Keeping.  I have one novel out in my Chronicles of the Four Courts, and that’s Goblin Fires; the sequel, Elvyn Nights, is in progress. And I have His Cemetery Doll, of course, which is a stand-alone novel.  These are all my full-length books…I have a handful of short, $.99 reads on Amazon, as well.

~ What are you currently working on?

I’m working on Book 3 of Blood and Fire, called Winter Hearts, as well as Book 2 of Chronicles of the Four Court, and an independent project.

~ When you aren’t writing, what else do you like to do?

I do a lot of crafts and artwork. I like to customize My Little Ponies, or draw and paint. I also play tabletop games like D&D, though I prefer the darker-toned ones like Deadlands or Necessary Evil.

~ Do you have any animals?

Absolutely. We have four cats and a dog, and I would have more if I could. My family is always warning me against becoming the Crazy Cat Lady. I keep telling them I’ve been a Crazy Cat Lady since I was 13 years old, but they never listen.

~ What’s your favorite food to eat?

Depends on the day, honestly. If I’m to answer this honestly, I adore a nice steak and lobster dinner…I’m always afraid to say that though because it makes me sound like a snob. It’s for special occaisions only, but it’s definitely my favorite.

~ What other genres of books do you like to read?

Horror and urban fantasy are my favorites. Occasionally a good literary novel like Affinity or The Handmaid’s Tale catches my fancy, and I do love those when they’re particularly interesting.

~ When do you think your books will be finished?

Horror and urban fantasy are my favorites. Occasionally a good literary novel like Affinity or The Handmaid’s Tale catches my fancy, and I do love those when they’re particularly interesting.

~ What’s one thing you do to help you stay focused?

I’ve recently started bookmarking YouTube videos of 1-2 hours long, of only instrumental “mood” music, and I go under my headphones, turn on the music, and just write. Part of me doesn’t even listen to the music, but having the background noise helps me zero in.

~ What’s your goal for the future of your books?

I’d really like to tell the whole story of Blood and Fire, which extends beyond just Rhiannon and the vampires. I’d also like to explore more issues of sexual and gender identity in speculative settings. I like the freedom and uniqueness of perspective it offers.

~ What makes you stay so devoted to your writing?

I’m a storyteller at heart. I’m happiest when telling stories, and I want to keep telling them for a lifetime.

Thank you so much for letting me interview you!

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