Mouse Hunters

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*A little side note before I get into today’s story. Deciding on a story has now become a family affair.  My hubby and kids are now giving their opinion on what story to tell. Last night was a chorus of “tell this one…..oh wait, no tell this one” This is the story that we finally settled on 🙂

Mouse Hunters

I turn to my son with a furrowed brow. “What is that popping sound?”

“Dad and his friend are shooting the BB gun, but I’m not supposed to tell you what they are shooting at.” he replies between giggles.

My eyebrows raise in question. “Well, don’t worry about not telling me I am going to go and find out what is going on.”

He is really laughing now and my curiosity is at an all time high as I walk across the yard and to the barn out back. I’m not sure what to think about the scene in front of me.

“What in the world are you two doing? Why are you staring at the wall holding BB guns?”

Without taking their focus off the wall they both hiss “Shhhh.”

All of sudden they both tense up and slowly raise the BB guns. I stifle a laugh as I realize what is going on. There are no interior walls in this section of the barn. As I study the wall to get all the details I can’t stop the laugh. “Are you seriously mouse  hunting?”

Their attention stays focused on the wall but this time I get an answer from my husband. “That stupid mouse chewed up the wires on my battery charger.”

I laugh again. “So you thought you would put some crackers on the two-by-four and wait for him to come out?”

“It was working until you came out here and started making a bunch of noise.”

I held my hands up in surrender and sat down to watch and see what would happen. After a few minutes of them silently staring at the wall I grab my phone and start texting his friend’s wife.

I laugh really hard as the mouse makes a dash for the crackers and they are both firing BBs at it. Neither one of them even comes close to hitting it. “Really? You sit there all this time and neither one of you can even hit it?”

They both glare at me and my husband makes me laugh harder with his response. “This is personal now. He thinks he is so smart. I will get him.”

I sit there and laugh as time and time again the mouse get past them without them even grazing it. I finally lose interest. “I think you two better keep your day jobs. Mouse hunting is not in your future.”

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I live in Central Illinois with my husband and our two children. I write new adult paranormal romance when I am not running my children to practices or cheering for them at events. I work a day job as a paralegal and am the assistant coach for my daughter's competition dance team.

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