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I posted last week how I was going to start keeping up on here. Then I haven’t posted in a week. Oops! Well, I think to be totally honest that it might only be once a week or I might find more time as it gets colder outside to sit in front of my laptop and write posts.

I know the point of a blog is so that my fans and/or readers have a chance to get to know me. The problem is I am not even sure I know all of myself yet. I have found myself on a journey that I never thought I would be on. I didn’t think I would find the courage to write a book and then publish it. My fears and insecurities were just too much.

Now that I took ┬ádeep breath, jumped in the deep end, and found that I can swim and didn’t sink, I find myself in unchartered waters. I may be swimming against the current for now, but I am still swimming.

I have not been discouraged with the low sales, I know that it takes time. I have seen authors post on Facebook about how they published their first book three months ago and are ready to give up due to the low sales. I just shake my head at them. Being an author is a marathon not a sprint. It takes time to get your name out there.

I know that I can’t just publish my book and millions of people will all just buy it without me doing anything else. There is marketing and promoting and making connections that all have to be done as well. It has only been a year since I first published and the fact that I am still selling any at all is encouragement enough for me.

My books are in a transition phase right now as they are re-edited an polished in preparation of being re-published under Eclectic Bard Books. Due to this transition I have not been doing a lot of marketing and promoting as I am waiting until they are re-published. Even without the extra work I am still selling books.  That tells me that I am doing something right.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not a patient person. With this I don’t think of it as being patient and waiting for everything to fall in my lap. I see it as working to make it happen. As long as I am working towards getting my name out there and my books in the hands of the readers then I am doing something that I love.

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