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I am a new author and never really knew much about blogs. Now that I am promoting myself I see how important blogs are in the writing world. I have decided that not only will I try and help myself with a blog but I will be helping any Indie Author that contacts me.

I am open to post anything that you need posted. I will also share on my Facebook and Twitter pages everything that I post. I will be doing blog tours, cover reveals, reviews, release announcements and anything else you would like to get out there.

I will never charge for anything that you want posted. I believe that we are not in competition with each other. There is room for all of us in this adventure. Nobody can “steal” your readers from you and I have no desire to try. I enjoy the work of many different authors and I believe that is how it is for pretty much everyone. There is no reason that your fans can not also be a fan of my work.

I am also willing to read and review your work. I will not read unpublished works but if you would like for me to review your work after it has been published please feel free to send me an email at

I also will post for your work if I have not read your work. I don’t think that I should have had to read your work to promote it. I obviously can’t read every book out there (as much as I sometimes wish I could) and I feel that every book deserves to be promoted.

I will not limit myself to any genres. I have the genres that I enjoy the most but that is my personal choice. Every book no matter the genre should have it’s chance. I don’t think it is fair to my followers to not promote something they would enjoy simply because I am not a fan of that genre. There is no genre that I refuse to read there are just some that I prefer over the others.

As I get more followers and more indie authors contact me the more everyone will benefit. Please let everyone know about my little blog and see what we can do to help each other out 🙂

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