Remember what?

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As you have probably been able to tell, I have gotten a little scatterbrained lately. I am adjusting to the new medicine for my fibro while also getting everything at work done so things will run smooth while I am gone and packing. I think I need to simplify or focus on one thing at a time.

I have everything rounded up and packed with the exception of my bathroom bag because I will need that stuff. My hubby will miss me while I am gone but I am sure he is ready for me to leave already so he doesn’t have to keep hearing me say, I feel like I am forgetting a lot of stuff. He keeps reassuring me that I have it and we will do one final check as we load up the car tomorrow.

I gave up on trying to do edits last week when I kept reading the same sentence and did not know what needed to be fixed but just wasn’t understanding what I was reading. You can’t critically read while your mind is so distracted.

I managed to get everything at work done. I feel comfortable with leaving things the way they are right now. I’m pretty sure I will not get very many texts while I am gone.

I will always have the feeling of forgetting things no matter what I do, but I am pretty certain that the hubby has made sure that  have everything I need. He double checks me to make sure that I actually did what I said I was going to instead of mentioning I need to and then not actually do it.

I am so excited for this trip! I can’t wait to be on my way tomorrow. Things will be quite on here until I get back but I will be back with many things to tell you about.


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