Review of Nobody Knows by Kyra Lennon

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This book is a glimpse into the lives of an up and coming band and their friends. It is the story about a girl and the 2 brothers that were her neighbors. The three grew up together and have been the best of friends most of their lives.

When the boys start to get famous with their band things become strained and stressful for the trio. As two of them start a new relationship they have to deal with insecurities and bonds that make everything more difficult.

I found myself rooting for the couple to find a way to make it work while she was still able to keep her close friendship with his brother.

I had a hard time putting this book down and will be reading the next book in the series next.

5 Stars!


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I live in Central Illinois with my husband and our two children. I write new adult paranormal romance when I am not running my children to practices or cheering for them at events. I work a day job as a paralegal and am the assistant coach for my daughter's competition dance team.

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