Review of Unloved by K.D. Wood

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This book picks up not long after the first one leaves off. It was a great continuation of this story.

I found myself wondering how the characters got to where they are. We went from a love interest that was completely devoted and willing to do anything for the woman he loves to someone that was unwilling to even listen to her side of the story. He did not even give her a chance to explain what was going on and what she had gone through.

We have the main character that completely changes her look on everything. She forgives for the major infractions of her trust but holds a grudge for the smaller issues.

We also have the boy off to the side. He finally has a chance to connect with the girl he has always longed for but doesn’t even really try to win her over.

The story is a good one and I really enjoyed the story. I think the characters could use some stability in their actions though instead of completely changing the way that they react to a situation from one chapter to the next.

4 stars


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