When is enough enough?

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We all have those times that we ask ourselves when is enough enough. We all have those times that we feel like we have been taken advantage of or that the people around us have not taken our feelings into account. I am at that cross roads now. The problem is what to do about it.

Normally, it is pretty easy. Someone does something and you either accept it, deal with it or just ignore it. When you have been made to feel like you don’t matter it gets a little harder. When it is by people that you consider to be some of your closest friends it gets impossible.

We all have difference of opinions with our friends. The question becomes how much are you willing to deal with and what do you do about it? Do you just accept that you don’t mean as much to them and just move on? Do you show them how upset you are and make a big scene? Do you act like nothing has happened and nothing has changed and just deal with it?

The answer is never clear and it will be different for each situation. You have to decide for yourself if you are able to move past it or if it is too big for you to accept. You can’t rely on anyone else’s opinion on it because it is all about how it makes you feel and how much you can handle.

I admit that I am not always the easiest person to get along with but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have feelings or that you can’t make me feel like I don’t matter. When I am made to feel like you are around me when you have to be but don’t really want me to be there it still hurts.

I will continue to go about my business and and life will go on but it will change the way that I view those around me. I no longer feel like part of the group and that is something that I have to deal with. I will find other things to occupy my time but it will never be the same again.

The point to all of this is to think before you do something that will make someone feel like this. No matter how independent and strong they seem to be they will still feel the cut all the way through.


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I live in Central Illinois with my husband and our two children. I write new adult paranormal romance when I am not running my children to practices or cheering for them at events. I work a day job as a paralegal and am the assistant coach for my daughter's competition dance team.

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